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If warning is passed as an Error object, it will be passed through to the 'warning' event handler unmodified (and the optional type , code and ctor arguments will be ignored):

A TypeError is thrown if warning is anything other than a string or Error object.

Note that while process warnings use Error objects, the process warning mechanism is not a replacement for normal error handling mechanisms.

The following additional handling is implemented if the warning type is 'DeprecationWarning' :

As a best practice, warnings should be emitted only once per process. To do so, it is recommended to place the emitWarning() behind a simple boolean flag as illustrated in the example below:

The process.env property returns an object containing the user environment. See Womens String Tommy Hilfiger Latest Collections Cheap Price Cheap Fast Delivery Discount Wholesale Price For Sale Official Site Sale DZWG1

An example of this object looks like:

It is possible to modify this object, but such modifications will not be reflected outside the Node.js process. In other words, the following example would not work:

While the following will:

Assigning a property on process.env will implicitly convert the value to a string. This behavior is deprecated. Future versions of Node.js may throw an error when the value is not a string, number, or boolean.

This behavior is deprecated.


Use delete to delete a property from process.env .

On Windows operating systems, environment variables are case-insensitive.

process.env is read-only in Discount Low Shipping cropped denim jeans Blue Re/Done Recommend For Sale 2018 Unisex New Styles k99aBve3E

Added in: v0.7.7

The process.execArgv property returns the set of Node.js-specific command-line options passed when the Node.js process was launched. These options do not appear in the array returned by the W118 By Walter Baker Woman Coldshoulder Striped Cottonpoplin Shirt Green Size S W118 by Walter Baker Free Shipping Websites NV7OE3BFnU
property, and do not include the Node.js executable, the name of the script, or any options following the script name. These options are useful in order to spawn child processes with the same execution environment as the parent.

Results in process.execArgv :

And process.argv :

Added in: v0.1.100

The process.execPath property returns the absolute pathname of the executable that started the Node.js process.

Added in: v0.1.13

The process.exit() method instructs Node.js to terminate the process synchronously with an exit status of code . If code is omitted, exit uses either the 'success' code 0 or the value of process.exitCode if it has been set. Node.js will not terminate until all the 'exit' event listeners are called.

After successfully running configure , it's time to compile everything. To start compilation, type:


Depending on how fast your system is, this may take several minutes to half an hour.

If you get errors during compilation, there may be something wrong that was not detected by configure. Verify that you installed all required libraries , both the run time and development packages. If that doesn't help, or we forgot to list a library openMSX depends on, contact the openMSX developers . Make sure you provide us with the error message you got.

If you want to debug openMSX compilation problems yourself, you can add V=1 (verbose) to the Make command line to see all build commands as they are executed.

Since openMSX 0.10.0, the minimum required Mac OS X release to build openMSX out of the box is 10.7. This implies that only x86_64 CPUs (64-bit Intel) are supported.

Building for older Mac OS X releases should be possible in theory, but it requires a lot of effort to set up the compiler and SDK (C++11 support is required), adjust the openMSX build ( build/ ) etc. It's easier to try an older openMSX release instead.

While it is possible to configure the supplied Visual C++ project files to dynamically link against import libraries, this is not currently supported.

To install openMSX, run the following command:

make install

This installs openMSX, by default in /opt/openMSX . Note that only root has rights to write to system-wide directories such as /opt , so you may have to do su before make install , or use sudo .

On Mac OS X, the build creates an application folder. You can "install" this by copying it to a different location. The application folder will depend on systemwide installed libraries, so it will not work on Macs without those libraries.

You can run openMSX from the application folder with the following command:

open derived/<cpu>-darwin-<flavour>/bindist/

If you want to see the messages openMSX prints to stdout and stderr, start openMSX like this:


This chapter describes how to build a binary of openMSX that does not depend on any libraries except those that are available on the platform by default. This procedure is highly recommended on Microsoft Windows. It is also recommended on Mac OS X.

The stand-alone binary is made by linking statically against all libraries which are not available as part of the basic platform. The build system will automatically download the sources for these libraries and build them in the minimal configuration needed by openMSX.

If you want to change something about this process, for example switch to a newer library release, edit the build/ Makefile.



John Doe

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A couple of weeks ago, my team and I pulled together a weekend poolside shoot with models, perfect weather, and a drone. I operated the drone and got some beautiful footage. Magnificent footage. Award-winning footage. After the shoot, while putting the drone away and packing up all the gear, it occurred to me that there’s usually the hassle of having to unpack it later just to get the memory card. So I removed the microSD while I still sort of had my hands full and put it between my lips (ostensibly for 10 seconds before I could put it in my wallet).

But through some combination of suddenly almost dropping something, needing to sneeze, slipping (and I’m still trying to figure out how it happened), .

No gagging or anything — down it went. I yelled for help and told people what happened. At first they didn’t believe me. Then they got mad that I wasn’t letting go of a stupid joke.

Then when they saw me trying to make myself puke, they were suddenly caught between “holy s**t”, “what an idiot”, “OMG no way”, and offering solutions.

“Drink water!” “Don’t drink water!” “Puke it out NOW!” “Don’t! Just let it pass through you!”

Anyway, by the time I was able to make myself (dry) heave, nothing came out. Nothing useful, anyway.

I later found myself sitting around at home waiting to take a dump. Others were at work and beyond pissed off. Thousands of dollars potentially down the drain. Well, it wouldn’t be down the drain if I could help it, but I had to just wait and hope like hell that it came out and still worked.

Finally, one discarded pasta strainer later, I got the card. That was fun. When I plugged it in, it appeared for about 2 seconds and then ejected itself. I could see the volume name come up but it didn’t stick around. That was with one memory card reader. The other one thought it was blank and needed formatting. This was on a Mac. On the PC, it recognized it as blank. How does this make any sense?! The card kind of works but lost its contents?!

Finally, I was told to stop messing with the card and bring it into work, along with all my stuff. Ironically, quite recently, I was having a discussion with a friend about how I’m one of the very few people I know who’s made through this far in life (29 years) without ever getting fired. Every McJob (yeah, including McDonalds) I ever worked, I left on my own terms. I thought I’d made it through to the “never fired in his life” club, but alas — I really messed up and I recognized it.

A day later, there was good news: I didn’t lose my job. But it was discussed at length and they ultimately decided that while I may be sloppy in certain aspects, I do good work and this was my first epic screw-up ever (working for them for 2 years). I should point out that the day wasn’t a total write-off… There was ground-based photography and video as well (by people who didn’t swallow their day’s work) and while the aerial stuff was integral to the original vision, the guys spent all day playing with what we did get. The client was told (and wasn’t happy) that there was a technical problem with the footage shot from the drone.

The memory card was then placed in the hands of some experts to see if there was anything salvageable. Then came the great news: the microSD controller was identified as faulty, but the memory contents were intact! All of the video was soon recovered.

Ironically, by the time it was recovered, a lot of work had gone into re-envisioning with what we had, so while some of the footage would be used, it was not in the way originally intended. But the client is now happy, which means the bosses are happy, which means I still have bosses.

Oh, and, of course, the obligatory emails circulated around my workplace: “Hey, if anyone is working in the field with [my name], be sure to take along ‘just-in-case’ provisions” — with pictures of barf bags and diapers. Yeah, I get it. Funny.

About the author
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If multiple are differentially correlated with , then may be stronger to those stimuli that more reliably signal the occurrence and nonoccurrence of reinforcement. Such stimuli are often said to be more valid or diagnostic cues.

For example, suppose that in Case 1, compound discriminative stimuli AX and BX are explicitly associated with and , respectively. We would expect behavioral control by the A and B elements to exceed that by the X element.

Now, suppose that in Case 2, the compound discriminative stimuli AX and BX are equally often associated with and. Here, we would expect that control by the A and B elements would be similar to that by the X element.

These expectations have been borne out by behavioral evidence in both human beings and laboratory animals. Critically, behavioral control by the X element in Case 1 is much lower than in Case 2, despite the fact that the X element is equally often associated with and in each case.

This relative validity effect shows that the behavioral control that is exerted by one element of a compound (here X) depends on the relative discriminative validity of other stimuli (here A and B) with which it occurs in compound.

Casually speaking, organisms learn to attend to the stimuli that are the most diagnostic of events of importance to them.


A when it is presented alone may exert strong over . However, if that is accompanied by another, then by the first (or overshadowed) Clearance Best Store To Get TShirt for Women On Sale Dark Blue Cotton 2017 10 12 14 Ermanno Scervino Sale Release Dates Clearance Visa Payment Cheap Sale Pay With Paypal lvxPv
may be reduced or eliminated by the second (or overshadowing) .

For example, I might easily recognize my son by the cowlick in his hair. But, I would be more likely to recognize him from his distinctive gait when he is walking in the playground. We would say that control by his cowlick was overshadowed by control by his gait.


If a (A) is first presented alone and is followed by , then that stimulus may gain strong over . If that discriminative stimulus is later combined with a novel stimulus (X) and the stimulus compound (AX) is followed by the same reinforcement, then little or no control may be exerted by the second stimulus (X) when tests with with it alone are conducted.

An additional comparison is critical to show that stimulus control by X has been blocked by prior training with A. Here, only AX training is given. Stimulus control by X alone in this comparison condition greatly exceeds that in the first condition.

For example, the printed word "stop" on a black sign might easily be able to control a motorist's braking response. But, after a long history of braking at red stop signs, a motorist might very well speed past a black sign with "stop" printed on it. We would then say that the color of the stop sign had blocked the lettering on it in controlling the motorist's braking behavior.

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